I’d like you to meet Doctor Moses…

The long shadow of Marie Laveau

Moses Legendre is a respected hoodoo conjure man in New Orleans, Louisiana. His family has been part of the fabric of the crescent city since before the United States bought it from the French. Over several lifetimes, he and his predecessors have worked to undo the lasting influence of his infamous ancestor, Marie Laveau. Marie’s evil legacy goes deeper than most people, even students of history and the paranormal know.

Moses, like his mother, possesses the ability to call and speak with spirits. Marie used her ability to seek out forbidden knowledge only the dead could provide. With it, she held New Orleans in the grip of her mix of voodoo, blackmail, and, intimidation. The city suffered over the course of her unnaturally extended lifetime.

To make amends for all the harm Marie caused, Granny Philly and her descendants have tirelessly helped the residents of New Orleans. Moses is the latest in a line of those who oppose the cult of La Mere, Marie’s Erzulie Sisterhood. They are all that remains of her once powerful illicit empire, though they are a pale imitation of the Sisterhood at the peak of Marie’s power. With the return of magic on the Winter Solstice, Moses searches for the prophesied arrival of both the Raven of the Night, and his opponent, the Hindered Warrior. Neither knows the role they will play once magic is unleashed. The warning only says the Warrior must be protected until he is ready to face the Raven. Moses has another mission, a destiny to confront Marie herself.

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