Hell Hounds signal a change in the world…

Fiery canines from a hostile environment, Hell Hounds cannot survive long on Earth outside of active volcanic sites. They thrive in heat that most Earthly organisms find deadly. Fortunately, another energy not present in our world sustains their imitation of biological processes. Hell Hounds have been spotted in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. None have survived more than a single day outside of an active volcano.

Mount Vesuvius, near Naples, Italy, hosted the first and most famous encounter with Hell Hounds. Italian TV broadcast the event live on international TV. A pack of four of the beasts emerged from a previously dormant vent. Technicians investigated the monitoring equipment, but found molten monstrosities instead.

The hounds next charged a group of school children, but a miraculous display of faith by their chaperone, Sister Mary Rizzo, saved them from harm. Bullets fired by responding police proved ineffective against the monsters. Firefighters at the foot of Vesuvius with water cannons responding to fires started by the hounds higher up the mountain stopped the hounds.

Other monsters emerged after the Italian Hell Hounds sent ripples through communities around the world. The Vatican quickly pointed out and eventually celebrated the faith of Sister Rizzo miraculously defending her class from the monsters. The Catholic Church used the event to promote their successful attendance campaign of “Faith Defends the Faithful.” Record attendance numbers at places of worship surged in the weeks following the broadcast.

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