The Sorcerer’s Realm is waiting to be discovered…

Not the just this website, but the fantasy setting its named after. Readers won’t encounter the Realm right away, and I won’t spoil all that in a post, but you’re in for a real treat! Only sorcerers can regularly access the imperfect reflection of the waking world. Other spirits exist there, and sorcerers can find echoes of magical creatures there. This is the first sign that a person is attuned to sorcerous magic.

Sorcery is magic of the mind, and the Sorcerers Realm allows the expanded mind of a sorcerer or sorceress to explore their abilities. The powers they unlock and learn to use there will be available to them in the waking world, but they all take practice to master. Nightly practice in the Realm gives sorcerers and sorceresses an advantage over other practitioners of magic.

Fantastic America is an introduction to a world changing after the return of magic. Midwestern Magicians introduces you to two of the different kinds of magic. Newly empowered sorcerer Alex De Luna, takes his first hesitant steps to explore what he calls astral projection. It isn’t anything he expected it to be, and it may be more dangerous than he ever imagined.

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