Editing takes so much longer than writing (But it’s supposed to)

rewrite edit text on a typewriter

Taking words already on the page and massaging them into a better version than what you started with has been my daily chore for weeks. I don’t mind the work. The payoff is a better book. I even found a fun exercise to make the hours of rewriting boring sentences fun.

Even with all the fun and games, it gets a bit boring. No surprise to me, I’ve found plenty of reasons to limit my time in the chair. I still wrote, still added notes of ideas in my phone, added character, setting, and plot ideas. The one thing I avoided, this week, was editing.

And I’m OK with it. I’m not on a schedule for anyone else, yet. The only deadlines I have right now are the ones I set for myself. Soon enough I’ll have to deliver top notch writing on time for an agent or editor. I’m not entirely procrastinating, the work is still being done even if I drag my feet. So I take a breath, open Word and find my place in the manuscript. This book won’t edit itself!

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