My favorite memory…

Yes, Dear…

My favorite memory is my wedding day to Brenda. I wasn’t a fan of how the day started or how hot it was for our outdoor ceremony. What I have always felt good about was our reception. One thing my wife and I know how to do is have a good time. Our wedding reception was a great way to show that off as newlyweds.

The ceremony took place on the hottest day so far that year. Pictures afterwards were just as hot and lasted longer than the ceremony. Once the party got underway, all the troubles we’d encountered (the wrong flowers, a burnt cake, and the logistics of an outdoor wedding versus an indoor reception) melted away.

For my tastes, we threw a pretty lavish affair, but that isn’t what made it special. Everyone ate, we had all the toasts, the cake, along with music, a light show, and a dancefloor. Brenda and I shared our first dance, our friends and the wedding party danced for hours in fact. But that wasn’t the best part either.

Sitting in the back of the venue later that night, surrounded by groomsmen, I had a moment of utter contentment. I gestured to the tables full of our friends, Brenda with her bridesmaids, and the people still dancing beyond them. I shared a toast, “This is where it’s at fellas. Friends, family, everyone is happy, everyone is celebrating. If you can find this, hold on to it!”

That was twelve years ago this June. I’ve had many memories before then and since, but that singular moment of contentment will stick with me the rest of my life. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, so make every day count for something. Preferably something good for as many people as possible, but if not, make it something personally important. Something that will stick with you forever.

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