Magic is dangerous, and that’s kind of the point…

red and orange solar flare

In the world of Fantastic America, creatures spawned by magic are dangerous too. The only effective way to fight them is with the magic that lead to their creation. Learning to use that magic is also dangerous, and there are no teachers or manuals left from the last magical age. Trial and error increase the dangers, but are the only choice new magic users have to learn the limits of what they can do now.

Expect mistakes, unintended consequences, and casualties from magical experiments. People aren’t likely to know why something has happened, but there is no ignoring magic gone wrong. Buildings, cities, roads, bridges, tunnels, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, animals, people, and the sea itself respond to magic, experimental or otherwise.

Spells gone awry can affect them all in good or bad ways. Sometimes the effects are reversible, usually not, at least not by the inexperienced. This is one more reason for people to fear and distrust magic in general. Not that most people need an excuse.

Even if books, scrolls, or a teacher existed, finding them, translating them and learning from them would be a Herculean task. Most new magic users are still coming to terms with the changes their powers bring. Enrolling in a magic school is the last thing on their mind. As if staying alive and under the notice of people quickly becoming anti-magic wasn’t enough.

Magic users may be the only hope humanity has against the dangers unleashed on the solstice. But human fear of the unknown may prevent them from saving the world as we know it. Miracles, monsters, and magic only herald the changes coming to an Earth not ready for the calamities that follow magic unleashed.

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