Don’t take life for granted…

group of friends clinking beer bottles

No one is promised a tomorrow. All we have is this moment, whether that moment stretches out into another day or ends soon. I’ve given advice about living life to the fullest, and even managed to follow it more than a few times. It’s hard not to rely on tomorrow for plans or projects, and I’m not suggesting to disregard the future.

What I mean is, take the time you know you have to do the important things you might otherwise put off. My friends and family probably get tired of how many times I say I love you as we go our separate ways. Take that trip now that travel is loosening up. Start that project you didn’t make time for before. Seize the moment you have now.

Living in the moment is tough to do. Humans make plans. Some plans are short term, like getting a drink from the fridge. Others take years or even lifetimes to complete. I’m not telling you to drop those long term plans at all. But in between now and your future deadline, appreciate the life you have today.

A little over a week ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about this topic. A month ago I wasn’t diagnosed with a life changing condition. Time and circumstance made me re-evaluate what was important to me. Facing my mortality is unpleasant. I figure if I’m going to have more tomorrows, I might as well enjoy my today. So should you.

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