I use Pinterest every day…

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you might already know how much I adore Pinterest. I have over 4000 curated images for different story ideas. Most are fantasy concepts, but there are also sci-fi and historical pins in the mix.

I spend hours at a time scrolling through pins for inspiration. The rabbit holes I’ve searched are many and deep. Still, I don’t feel as though its a waste of time (it can be but not always). Some of the pins I’ve come across have opened up whole new vistas for my imagination.

The pins I’m most inspired by are seldom considered grand art. What I look for runs from gritty realism to outright absurdity. All of them capture an essence of what I have in my minds eye. Sadly I have no artistic talent for drawing or sculpting. I only know what I like when I see it.

Pinterest fills that visual gap for me daily. I know I’ll find a map of the African Humid Period, or the Pontic Steppe at the end of the last ice age. (Yes I’ve looked both of those up!) Or I can find examples of people I can imagine lived in those places in those times. All useful imagery to spark my imagination.

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