The Suicide Forest holds more than ghosts…

forest photography

The Japanese, “Sea of Trees” at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Aokigahara, has been home to a haunted reputation for generations. The forest has been a singular destination for suicidal individuals since at least the 1960’s. In the world of my debut novel, Fantastic America, visitors of another kind joined those people. Japanese authorities have had to hunt down a number of ghostly alien animals.

Vicious wolf-like apparitions, serpents with shocking abilities, and other less-easily described creatures have frightened away tourists. Self Defense Force patrols routinely seek out these invasive species. The patrols use American made taser projectiles to eliminate the threat these animals pose.

The projectiles are part of the folklore based research and development arm of the United States Paranormal Response Agency. The initial countermeasure program launched after the Solstice events of December 2012 necessitated the projectiles design. Professor Nicholas Gimble, the lead science advisor from the National Science Foundation, oversaw their development and tactical deployment.

In Japan, the frequency of these apparitions and their localized nature in the Aokigahara forest has made containment easier. No one is sure why the incursions are focused there. Japanese authorities have not identified any source for the animals arrivals. Lifelong residents of the area have taken extra precautions to ward off the invaders. But so far, there are no reports of attacks on civilians.

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