One year ago…

I had a partial manuscript, with a terrible name, and no purpose. It was part of a series. The series was unfinished, directionless, and from what I could see then, years away from completion. I wasn’t even sure I could finish a novel, let alone write a readable, salable book.

Today, I’ve finished Fantastic America, which has found a name in the process. I’ve written six stand alone short stories set in that world. Not only that, but I’ve fully outlined and partially written books two, three, and four. Most satisfying of all, the series has a point now. I have themes to explore, ideas to explain, and and endgame that still blows my mind.

What changed? I wish I could say I had an epiphany and did it all by myself. The truth is, I found a coaching program. One that showed me step by step how to sort through the nonsense I’d been telling myself. My coach and her program led me to complete the rough draft of Fantastic America in just over thirty days!

Don’t worry, I’m going to share the program details with you here. I believe in this method and my coach more than any other program I’ve tried. (I’ve tried a lot of programs.) I’m willing to introduce anyone serious about finishing their novel (or non-fiction book) to her. See if you two might be a good fit for each other. Full disclosure, if you sign up for her program, I get a finders fee. There’s not extra cost to you, and helps me out. Best of all, you get your book finished!

Take Action today at NO COST

Ashley Mansour is the genuine article, a best selling author and the writing coach who helped me finish my debut novel. You can download her free E-book at:

If you like what you see, I’m more than happy to make an introduction. But even if it isn’t for you, keep writing. The world needs your story, whatever it may be. Readers are waiting for a voice in the wilderness to call out to them. They can’t do that if you don’t bring your unique voice to the world.

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