Megalithic ruins around the world are changing…

In the world of Fantastic America, the return of magic repowers ancient spells and artifacts. The remains from cultures that perished at the end of the last magical age revive spells cast over six thousand years ago. Locations all over the world are all changing from what we’ve known of them in the past.

Archaeologists scramble to investigate entire cities that were unknown before the return of magic. Museums discover that previously ordinary artifacts in their collections are far more than they appeared. Private collectors, and unsuspecting owners of family heirlooms also find surprises as relics of the last magical age reactivate.

Many of these sites and artifacts will only respond to someone with an affinity to magic. Others are all to accessible to would be investigators or relic hunting thieves. Their are more than a few parties intent of finding and taking control of these relics and their places of origin. A race of sorts is shaping up among these factions to reach them first.

Ashley Monahan has a direct link to one of these sites, but has no idea that others are tracking down relics as well. The revelations to come will change everything she thought she knew about the last magical age. More of that story will unfold in Midwestern Magicians, book two of the Magic Unleashed series.

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