Words have the power we give them…

world map illustration

I hope this goes viral. Words have power, at least the power we allow them to have. As an experiment to prove this, please share this post: We need to stop calling the body of water causing so much consternation the ‘South China Sea’ and give it a new name. I nominate the ‘East Philippine Sea’ with historical precedent, geographic reality, and compelling Filipino interests.

I’m apolitical, like Ferris said, “I’m against isms in general.” I don’t like to label people or pigeonhole someone into a predetermined check box. People are more complex than that. My only concerns are limited to: Are you a good human and do you care for others around you. Sadly, most folks I know are either too caught up in their daily lives to notice anything else. Or worse, don’t believe they can change anything no matter how they feel.

I hope this little experiment can make a ripple in the ether. If more people get behind an idea, it becomes more powerful. This was true for solidarity, trade unions, and women’s suffrage. Never underestimate the power of ideas. The tiny handful of people who make policy decisions around the world don’t. So, please share this post and maybe get some of your friends to share it too?

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