One kind of magic is Lithic…

bird s eye view of mountains during dawn

Or in the Magic Unleashed series, Earth magic. Earth magic is the opposite of Sorcery. Where the latter is focused on matters of the mind, the former is concerned with transforming the world around it. Lithic magic can build and tear down in equal measures. The ground beneath our feet is the plaything of Earth wizards. They can manipulate or change every mineral, plant, and animal tied to the soil with their their magic.

Sorcerers split their awareness between the Realm and the waking world. Earth wizards focus on building and maintaining the life they know. In the world of Fantastic America, all wizards are learning how to use their powers. One of the first manifestations of that power comes from speaking with the animals that call Earth home.

Earth wizards can communicate with, befriend, and control living things. Though humans find it easier to communicate with other vertebrates, especially mammals, their is no reason they couldn’t learn to control insects, sea sponges, or microbes. But this command and control of living things is not their principal ability.

As the name implies, Earth wizards can command stones, crystals, and metals of all kinds. They can manipulate them, build with them, or use them to tear down other structures. As impressive as that sounds, it is only a fraction of their true might. Gravity itself can bend to their will, bringing with it a host of abilities.

Despite this awesome array of powers, Earth wizards are not omnipotent. They are mortals destined to live and die the same as any other. There is no philosopher’s stone that can turn back the clock as they age and pass away.

Readers of the Magic Unleased series will meet Adam Goetz, in the fourth book in the series, Raising New Orleans. As a newly empowered Earth wizard, he views his power as a curse. The story follows Adam’s path from seeing an affliction become a gift. One that he must learn to use as a weapon against an insidious evil.

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