I almost forgot to post today!

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Forget-me-not Flowers

I have a lot on my plate lately, but I’m still writing, still querying, and still sharing my progress here. Fantastic America is my priority as a finished novel, but I’ve also put the manuscript aside lately to build up Gari’s adventures in the strange world of Torthal. I have a dozen other ideas for stories I’ve held off on while I worked on FA , but I will be writing more of those stories soon.

I feel like I’m closer than ever to a solid query, and I’m anxious to move forward with it. I’m also putting my short story hat back on. I’m plotting out several new stories in both the Magic Unleashed series and unrelated stories I’ve just not had the chance to work on lately. Summer is busy, but I can’t help but write when my muse pours the words on the page for me.

Overall, I’m happy with how my work is going. The ideas I’m experimenting with are fun, and the chills are multiplying as the ideas coalesce. New characters are taking shape, and the scenes in my head are making it onto the page (even though some are just outlines right now). I’ll share more here as I can.

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