One kind of magic is Celestial…

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Or in the Magic Unleashed series, Life magic. As the name implies, Life magic is primarily a force for healing. It’s practitioners also possess a wide range of combat abilities, mainly for fighting the undead (Necromancy) and creatures of Chaos (Fire magic). Life wizards are champions of order. They can manipulate hardened light to create weapons, defenses, and perform rituals the promote peace and health.

Life magic has several peculiarities that set it apart from other kinds of magic. Augury, or the interpretation of sky signs and bird behaviors. Auspices take the form of weather, and the behavior of individual birds and flocks. All these signs and portents speak to Life wizards and inform their decision making.

Another trait unique to Life wizards is long lasting youth and beauty. Because they work directly with health and life itself, Celestial wizards age more slowly than other mortals. Their joy for living also makes them charismatic and attractive to others. But like all magic users, Life wizards do age and eventually die.

Readers will meet Elizabeth Fairchild in the second book in the series, Midwestern Magicians. She is learning how to use her powers along with all the other wizards in the series. Her experiences with healing, fighting the undead, and coming to terms with how magic is changing her are just the beginning of her story.

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