Dreams and how they affect my writing…

high angle view of lying down on grass

This isn’t about manifesting your dreams into reality. I have author friends who are all about that woo-woo mindset matters business. This is about how parts of dreams I have make their way into my stories.

I don’t remember everything I dream about, but I can lucid dream on occasion. When my mind isn’t too lazy to put in the effort at least, I have vivid dreams. Some of those dreams involve fairly complex plots, interesting characters, and wild action scenes. Those are the ones I wake trying to scribble down details from before I forget them.

I don’t keep a regular dream journal, that may be a thing for some people, but not me. Instead, I have a note pad app on my phone. If I have a really intense dream, or remember some crazy plotline, those go into the app as fast as I can type. I don’t keep my phone by my bed, so sometimes i still scribble notes while I’m half asleep.

My subconscious is sometimes even more creative than I am. At least I feel that way when a fully developed story plays out through a long winter’s nap. Some of the best ideas in the Magic Unleashed series came from dreams. Either as I woke up, or more often as I’m trying to drift off to sleep. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to jump out of bed to jot down the perfect solution to a writing problem. What a terrible problem to have.

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