One kind of magic is Aqueous…

silhouette of moutain

Or in the Magic Unleashed series, Water Wizardry. Aqueous magic is an elemental force, the opposite of Fire magic. Water, and the creatures who live beneath its surface respond to water wizards. In combat, Aqueous wizards manipulate water and dissipate heat to wield both liquid water and ice as potent weapons.

Water wizards are at home on or beneath any body of water, but prefer the open sea where their power is greatest. On land, Water magic is limited by the supply of water or ice available. Creatures who make their home in or near water are responsive to the call of Aqueous wizards, and will help them if asked (or in predators cases, commanded).

Water wizards also have access to water scrying. By entering a trancelike state, Aqueous wizards can use water as a medium to find lost things, learn new skills, and see possible future events. These visions are unpredictable, and only as reliable as the intention of the scryer. But they do offer glimpses of what may become reality.

Readers will meet Aqueous wizard Mariah Davis, a marine biologist PHD candidate. She is on sabbatical when magic returns to the Earth in book three of the Magic Unleashed series, The Steaming South. Mariah embraces her watery gifts and makes a scientific study of her newfound powers. She is the first modern wizard to write grimoire of her spellwork.

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