A change of pace – Call to Your Land

city sunset water skyline

Call to your land,

Before the walls are built.         

We the people are outcasts.         

Cast out by your rules.

The same rules that protect you,

Force us from our homes.            

Call to your land,

Before time runs out.

We the people are searching.

Searching on the streets.

The streets are all you’ve left us. 

You’ve left us nothing at all.      

Call to your land,                  

Before your towers topple.          

We the people are coming.           

We will rewrite the rules.          

You have the right to remain silent,

Though thistles choke your fields.  

Call to your land.                  

Lest it cry out to you.             

We the people are listening.         

Your land is all that matters.      

Your rules forbade our living,      

But your land will take us in.

Call to your land.

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