This weekend reminded me that human connections are the most important part of my life.

happy ethnic guests carrying bride in white dress in countryside

Outside of my writing life this weekend, two of my friends lost their husbands, one of my dearest friends got married (I helped!), and I re-connected to a family member I haven’t heard from in years. It really drove home how crucial relationships are. How humans relate to each other is the major draw for readers of most fiction. Connections are literally what gives life meaning. It’s easy to lose sight of that, but not too late to remember.

Loss of a loved one is tragic, and my friends have to grieve that loss with their children. There are no words that can console a loss like that. All I can do is give them space, help out with other things they still need to do but can’t, and hope they can regain some version of happiness on the other side of their tragedy.

This post may be shorter than most, as I’m still chatting with my niece. For every darkness, I hope for a brighter event to balance it out. Family and friends aren’t the focus of everyone in the world, but they are my main focus outside of writing. Having a chance to mend broken connections, and strengthen others has made my heart happy today. I hope everyone who wants that chance can enrich their lives, too.

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