Welcome to Fractal, the universal prime world.

an abstract design

I’ve been taking on writing challenges lately. My last foray gave me Torthal, and the mysteries outsiders have been unable to investigate. I spent most of July developing that story into an ongoing series. This month I’m starting a new adventure, the Centriole.

The Centriole is a building, but it’s also home to the Society for Exploration. They are a social club of interdimensional explorers, scientists, and adventurers. Together the Explorers have mapped, sampled, and catalogued trillions of worlds. In some cases they have acted as diplomats on behalf of their far more advanced civilization to other primitive cultures.

The Centriole exists in more than one dimension, but physically, it exists on the planet Fractal. The origin of the club’s charter members, and the original source of civilization throughout every iteration of the universe since they began keeping track of big bangs. Fractal is a ‘folded’ planet. The technology that allows a single building to house the Explorers Headquarters allows Fractal to house trillions of sentient beings.

Fractal is a unique world, connected to many other planets throughout this universe and many parallel realities. Through the Centriole and the Society for Exploration, the number of worlds connected to Fractal has continued to expand for hundreds of Universal Cycles. The destination of the latest expedition to leave the Centriole through it’s interdimensional Dive Chamber is a primitive backwater planet in an otherwise unremarkable galaxy called Earth.

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