A change of pace – Point of View

time lapse photo of stars on night

To be among the stars,

Shining as they shine,

Blazing with all their glory.

But alas, I am no star.

I do not so shine,

Nor blaze so fair.

I am no warrior Mars,

Nor a Venus so fine.

I have but a dull life’s story.

Getting nowhere and going as far.

I do not so shine.

Bloated with tons of water,

Feeling weighted by the tons

And sickened by this filthy air.

But oh, to be as the stars!

Vibrant with life and hotter –

Hotter than any other suns.

Instead I stand in the dread sun’s glare.

Look there, my child raked with scars;

Even she so shines.

All around me others beam.

Only I produce no light.

Why can’t I project a stream?

Poor Mother Earth, locked in eternal night.

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