A change of pace – “Earth”

stormy sea waving near rocky cliff

A mountain is rising from a turbulent sea.

Bold and striking, yet enigmatic and puzzling.

The mountain is immense, and has many towering peaks.

It has many valleys, some dark and some bright.

There are grim granite visages shrouded in mist,

And sparkling crystalline profiles dancing in splendor.

The chaotic sea pounds at the mountain side.

Each day the ocean erodes a little more rock.

Wind, rain, and wave pummel its stone contours.

To the mountain, the pounding is nothing.

For the mountain has a molten, expanding core.

Each day the mountain grows larger and taller.

New rock strengthens the mountain side,

And its immensity surges tenfold.

Eruptions and earthquakes may topple its summits.

To the mountain, such a loss means nothing.

As new and higher pinnacles thrust up beyond the old.

The ramparts may crumble, the valleys may be filled in,

But the mountain by its very nature continues to grow.

The mountain is rising from a turbulent sea.

The mountain is you, it is us, it is me.

A change of pace – Point of View

time lapse photo of stars on night

To be among the stars,

Shining as they shine,

Blazing with all their glory.

But alas, I am no star.

I do not so shine,

Nor blaze so fair.

I am no warrior Mars,

Nor a Venus so fine.

I have but a dull life’s story.

Getting nowhere and going as far.

I do not so shine.

Bloated with tons of water,

Feeling weighted by the tons

And sickened by this filthy air.

But oh, to be as the stars!

Vibrant with life and hotter –

Hotter than any other suns.

Instead I stand in the dread sun’s glare.

Look there, my child raked with scars;

Even she so shines.

All around me others beam.

Only I produce no light.

Why can’t I project a stream?

Poor Mother Earth, locked in eternal night.