After a long week of sad days, I’m going to get some of that life Tony was talking about…

photo of people doing cheers

I’m going to live a little while I still can. A night out with friends might be just the lift my spirit needs. I’m sure I can find some spirits at the bar at least. 🙂 By the time you read this post, I may already be too happy to read it.

The pandemic has changed a lot of things. This time of year two years ago, I wasn’t worried at all about a virus, social distancing, or getting vaccinated. Now I just hope everyone I come into contact with (drinking or not) is smart enough to stay home if they’re sick. That seems unlikely, but I need to get out of the house for a while.

I love my grandchildren, and we have spent the summer together. But I need some adult conversation that doesn’t require typing. I don’t want to hear about Roblox, Minecraft, or Peppa Pig. A few shots might be in order tonight too. I’ll let you know how things went in my next post!

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