A change of pace – We, the Gathered Angels

We, the gathered angels

Summoned from on high

Stand to debate

A point of fate

Cast for a certain fly.

You might wonder why angels

Would be concerned with a fly.

It is just that

It influences a rat,

This particular fly.

And why, you ask, would angels,

Worry about a rat and fly?

Because of course,

It spooks a horse

(The rat leaping for the fly.)

Well, what does a horse have to do with angels

Or for that matter a rat and fly?

They you see, are the key

To this poor old farmer McGhee

(The horse, the rat, and the fly.)

Now we’re getting somewhere for angels,

You say as you start to cry

Because of course,

You’re on the horse,

And you’re about to die.

And that’s the talk of angels.

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